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    This package has been deprecated

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    This module is no longer developed or maintained

    Under Construction

    Wildcat is under development. It should be ready soon.


    Wildcat should:

    • Handle every media file under the sun. Wildcat's builtin image, video and audio scripts should be robust enough to deal with any file on the internet.
    • Not care about file extensions. File extensions are inherently unreliable. Wildcat should be able to deal with any file, regardless of missing or erroneous extensions.


    Wildcat installation comes in two steps. The first is to install Wildcat and its command line utilities using:

    sudo npm install -g wildcat

    Since Wildcat relies heavily on a number of external utilities, there will probably be some additional installation required. The command wildcat-install will try its best to detect your OS and package manager and install them for you. Inspect the output of wildcat-install before running the following command!! It is a blunt instrument that will install a bunch of packages you may or may not want.

    wildcat-install | sudo /bin/sh


    Wildcat is built on OSX and steeped in Unix philosophy. At this point, the likelyhood of it running under Windows is slim to none.


    • Exiftool by Phil Harvey does an amazing job of extracting metadata from almost any media file you can throw at it.
    • ffmpeg is simple the most powerful video transcoder in existence. Without it there would be no video, anywhere.
    • ImageMagick does a huge amount of 'magick' to almost any image.


    cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/wildcat
    cd test
    mocha -R nyan test-*.js

    The script will fill test/data with some generated media files which are essential for test. Without it, a lot of tests will fail. Also, it should be notes that the tests are quite slow, so if you're getting a bunch of timeout errors, you should try increasing Mocha's timeout with -t 4000 or more.




    npm i wildcat

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