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    Wikity is a tool that allows you to use Wikitext (used by Wikipedia, Fandom, etc) as a templating language to create HTML pages, useful in build tools such as Eleventy.


    Wikity is available on npm.

    Local install Global install
    npm install wikity npm install -g wikity



    • wikity.compile(folder?: string, options?: object): void

      • Compile all Wikitext (.wiki) files from an input folder (defaults to the current directory, .) into HTML.
    • wikity.eleventyPlugin(folder?: string, options?: object): void

      • An implementation of compile() for use with Eleventy's addPlugin API. Identical to compile() except that option eleventy is true by default.
    • wikity.parse(input: string, options?: object): string

      • Parse raw wikitext input into HTML. Only option available is templatesFolder.
    • Options:

      • outputFolder?: string
        • Where outputted HTML files shall be placed (default: wikity-out).
      • templatesFolder?: string
        • What folder to place templates in (default: 'templates').
      • imagesFolder?: string
        • What folder to place images in (default: 'images'). Make sure to pass through this folder to your build output if applicable.
    • eleventy?: boolean

      • Whether front matter will be added to the outputted HTML for Eleventy to read (default: false).
      • defaultStyles?: boolean
        • Whether to use default wiki styling (default: true).
      • customStyles?: string
        • Custom CSS to style the wiki pages (default: '').
    const wikity = require('wikity');
    // compile all .wiki files inside this directory
    // parse wikitext from an input string
    let html = wikity.parse(`'''bold''' [[link|text]]`); // <b>bold</b> <a href="link"...>text</a>

    Use Wikity along with Eleventy to compile your wiki files during the build process:

    // .eleventy.js (eleventy's configuration file)
    const wikity = require('wikity');
    module.exports = function (eleventyConfig) {
        const wikiFolder = '.'; // current directory
        const wikityOptions = {templatesFolder: 'templates', imagesFolder: 'images'}; // set as needed
        const wikityPlugin = () => wikity.eleventyPlugin(wikiFolder, wikityOptions);
        eleventyConfig.addPassthroughCopy({[imagesFolder]: 'wiki/' + imagesFolder}); // Eleventy does not pass through images by default


    $ wikity help
    Display a help message
    $ wikity compile [<folder>] [-o <folder>] [-t <folder>] [-e] [-d]
    Compile Wikity with various options
    $ wikity parse <input>
    Parse raw input into HTML
    $ wikity version
    Display the latest version of Wikity


    Use Wikitext (file extension .wiki) to create your pages.

    Any wiki templates (called using {{template name}}) must be inside the templates/ folder by default. Any files must be inside the images/ folder by default.

    Wiki markup

    Markup Preview
    '''bold''' bold
    ''italic'' italic
    '''''bold italic''''' bold italic
    ``code`` code
    ```code block```
    code block
    =heading= heading
    ==subheading== subheading
    • bulleted
      • sub-bulleted
    1. numbered
      1. sub-numbered
    <ref>Text</ref> [1]
    <references/> 1. Text
    [[internal link]] internal link
    [[link|display text]] display text
    [external-link] [1]
    [external-link display text] display text
    [[File:Example.png|Caption.]] Caption
    {{tp name}} (contents of templates/
    {{tp name|arg=val}} (ditto but {{{arg}}} is set to 'val')
    {{{arg}}} (value given by template)
    {{{arg|default val}}} (ditto but 'default val' if unset)
    {| style="margin:1em" table opening
    ! Cell heading Cell heading
    |- class="new-row" new table row
    | Cell content Cell content
    |} table closing
    {{#if:non-empty-string|text}} text
    {{#ifeq:1|2|true|false}} false
    {{#vardefine:varname|text}} (saved to memory)
    {{#var:varname}} text (from memory)
    {{#var:varname|default val}} (ditto but 'default val' if unset)
    {{#switch:a|a=1|b=2|c=3}} 1
    {{#time:dd/mm/yy|2021-03-28}} 28/03/21
    {{#lc:TEXT}} text
    {{#ucfirst:text}} Text
    {{#len:12345}} 5
    {{#sub:string|2|4}} ring
    {{#pos:text|x}} 2
    {{#padleft:text|5|_}} _text
    {{#padright:msg|5|_}} msg__
    {{#replace:Message|e|3}} M3ssag3
    {{#explode:A-B-C-D|-|2}} C
    {{#urlencode:t e x t}} t%20e%20x%20t
    {{#urldecode:a%20b%27c}} a b'c
    <noinclude>No</noinclude> (blank outside a template)
    <onlyinclude>Yes</onlyinclude> Yes
    <includeonly>Yes</includeonly> Yes (blank inside a template)
    <nowiki>[[no link]]</nowiki> [[no link]]


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