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Export a Wikimedia website to a bunch of Markdown files, for use in something like Jekyll or Noddity.

As is the unfortunate nature of export-type modules, I haven't used this in a while.

I'm hoping that you can find the scraps of code here useful.

If you tidy up the code or anything to make this better, I would love love love it if you made a pull request.

how to use

It might be easier to git clone, but npm install also works, you'll just need to go into the folder node_modules/wikimedia-markdown-exporter.

Either way, once you are there run this command:

node wikimedia-markdown-export.js [text file of all pages to export] [site domain]

For example, go into your Wikimedia site and in the settings I think is a thing that lets you list all your pages. You'll probably need some regex to tidy it up, but I don't remember it being very hard.

Anyway, at the end you'll want a text file that looks like:

Advanced Setup
Blue Sunlight
Brightling University

If you save that in the folder where the module is as pages.txt, and your website is, you'd run:

node wikimedia-markdown-export.js pages.txt

The output would be in a child folder, output.