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Wikifonia scraper

Simple scraper for the wonderful Wikifonia. This scrapes the search pages, and returns a list of track objects, which contains information such as, title, artist(s), performer(s), lyricist(s) and Wikifonia ID.


$ npm install wikifonia


The one method in this library, is the search function:{ artist, title, page }) -> { tracks, pages }

Takes an object, with one or more of above parameters.

  • artist: The name of the sheet author
  • title: The title of the sheet
  • page: The first page of the search results is 0, the second is 1, etc.

Returns a Promise of an object with two properties:

  tracks: [], // Array of tracks
  pages: 1    // Number of pages (zero-indexed)

Each track has the following properties:

track = {
  title:        String,
  artist:       String | Array(String),
  performer:    String | Array(String),
  lyricist:     String | Array(String),
  id:           String

The syntax looks like this:

var wikifonia = require('wikifonia');{ artist: 'Charlie Parker' })
.then(function(res) {
  var tracks = res.tracks;
  var pages = res.pages;

  // Now do something nice with all your Charlie Parker tracks!
});{ title: 'Scrapple from the Apple' })
.then(function(res) {
  var tracks = res.tracks;
  var pages = res.pages;

  // Do something with you Scrapple from the Apple track(s)
}); | trackID) -> WritableStream

Oh yea, there's one more convenience method to get a stream from which you can download the compressed MusicXML file (.mxl) directly{ title: 'Jump Monk' }).then(function(res) {
  // Take the first track
  var track = res.tracks[0];

  // Stream it to a local file'jump_monk.mxl'));

The method takes either a track (as returned from the search method) or a track ID (which is also part of the track object returned from the search method)