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JS utils functions to query a Wikibase instance and simplify its results

This package was primarily developed as wikidata-sdk but has now being generalized to support any Wikibase instance, among others, and was thus renamed wikibase-sdk.

This project received a Wikimedia Project Grant.

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NodeJS >= v12.0.0 or not too outdated web browsers (see Object.fromEntries browser compatibility table) For older JS runtimes, you can use ES5 bundles from wikibase-sdk <= v8.


as an ES module

Install via npm to be able to use the import the module.

npm install wikibase-sdk

Then in your javascript:

import { WBK } from 'wikibase-sdk'
const wbk = WBK({
  instance: '',
  sparqlEndpoint: '' // Required to use `sparqlQuery` and `getReverseClaims` functions, optional otherwise

The wdk object of previous versions of this documentation - from the time this module was bound to only - thus corresponds to the following:

import { WBK } from 'wikibase-sdk'

const wdk = WBK({
  instance: '',
  sparqlEndpoint: ''

For convenience, and for the sake of retro-compatibility, that same wdk object can be obtain directly from the wikibase-sdk/ package:

import wdk from 'wikibase-sdk/'

By default wikibase-sdk assumes that your Wikibase instance has $wgScriptPath set to /w, but if that's not the case, you can set it by passing a wgScriptPath parameter:

import { WBK } from 'wikibase-sdk'
const wbk = WBK({
  instance: '',
  wgScriptPath: '/some_custom_script_path'

as an CommonJS module

Importing with CommonJS require is not supported anymore in version >= v9.0.0, but can still be done by installing an older version:

npm install wikibase-sdk@v8

See the corresponding version documentation

download pre-bundled files

Pre-bundled files is not supported anymore in version >= v9.0.0, but can still be done by pre-bundled files from older versions:


See the corresponding version documentation


Wikibase API

A set of functions to make read queries to a Wikibase instance API (see Wikidata API documentation). For write operations, see wikibase-edit.

Wikibase Query

There are additional functions for Wikibase instances that have a SPARQL Query Service (such as Wikidata Query for SPARQL can be a weird thing at first, but the Wikidata team and community really puts lots of efforts to make things easy with a super rich Wikidata Query Help page, an awesome tool to test you queries and visualize the result, and lots of examples!

General helpers



This library had for primary purpose to serve the needs of the inventaire project but extending its capabilities to other needs it totally possible: feel welcome to post your suggestions as issues or pull requests!

Design constraints

  • wikibase-sdk should stay "small" and dependency-free, so that a web application can include it in its bundle without paying a too high cost for it. A consequence is that the lib generates URLs where other libs would integrate doing the request and parsing it's response. But that actually feels quite right to do this way: simply generating the URLs let's users free to handle requests as they like (with callbacks, promises, async/await, custom request agent, whatever!)
  • Therefore, it should focus on providing basic, general helper functions most application working with a Wikibase instance would need.
  • Write operations should go into wikibase-edit as it involves working with Wikibase credentials/tokens.
  • General command-line interface tools should go to wikibase-cli, very specific ones — wikibase-dump-filter and alikes — should get their own modules.

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