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    Wiki Storage LevelDB

    An experimental module to provide LevelDB storage for an external module for Federated Wiki, rather than being built into the core.

    The motivation for this is that not everybody is using LevelDB for storage, and as part of the core it requires rebuilding whenever the server module is updated/redeployed.

    Using LevelDB for Wiki Storage

    The following steps will need to be followed:

    1. Take a copy of the fedwiki/wiki-node repository. Either create a fork on the GitHub site, or clone a copy either locally or to where you wish to install Federated Wiki.

    2. In your copy, edit package.json to add the following line to the dependencies:

        "wiki-storage-leveldb": "*",
    1. If you are using git for deployment, commit this change to git.

    2. Install your modified version of Federated Wiki, either:

    • running npm install 'your-github-id'/wiki-node, if you are using github for deployment, or

    • if you modified package.json inplace, by running npm install from within the modified directory. See npm-install for more ideas.

    1. When starting Federated Wiki you will need to tell it to use LevelDB. This is done by adding the following configuration setting:
    --database '{"type": "wiki-storage-leveldb"}'

    Developer Notes

    Should there be a need to modify this package, there is a test file test/ that can be copied to the test directory of the wiki-node-server repository that you are developing with.

    N.B. the plugin page testing also requires a copy of the wiki-plugin-chart repository to be alongside the wiki-node-server repository.




    npm i wiki-storage-leveldb

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