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    Build github wikis from markdown source files.


    npm install wiki-builder --save-dev

    Create a file named wikiConfig.json

      "wikiDirPath": "",
      "projectDirPath": "",
      "ignoreMdFiles": [],
      "ignoreMdTitles": [],
      "ignoreDirs": [],
      "statsEnabled": false,
      "useGitignore": true,
      "plugins": []

    wikiDirPath: Path to wiki directory. ./wiki/ by default.

    projectDirPath: Path to project directory. ./ by default.

    ignoreMdFiles: List of files to not add to the wiki. To ignore specific files, include the path (example: ./ To ignore files by file name, don't include the path (example:

    ignoreMdTitles: Ignore by the first line of markdown files.

    ignoreDirs: List of directories to ignore. Includes node_modules.

    statsEnabled: Creates a stats markdown file for the wiki. This file can only be created for git repositories with commits. False by default.

    useGitignore: Ignore directories and markdown files in .gitignore. True by default.

    useLogger: Errors will be logged to wiki-build.log in the project's root directory. True by default.

    plugins: Add plugins here. These plugins should have corresponding local node modules. If the node_modules directory is not in the same directory as the project's root, give the module (plugin) path instead of it's name. Example Usage: ["plugin-one", "plugin-two"]. A list of existing plugins and a guide to creating new ones can be found in


    Run wiki-builder.

    package.json example:

    "scripts": {
        "wiki": "wiki-builder"

    npx example:

    npx wiki-builder

    wiki-builder puts files into the 'wikiDirPath'. If you do not have a github wiki git submodule, you can make one.


    npm i wiki-builder

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