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A WHOIS client for NodeJS


Node WHOIS is a WHOIS client for Node.js.

$ npm install -g whois
whois [options] address

  -s, --server   whois server                         [default: null]
  -f, --follow   number of times to follow redirects  [default: 0]
  -v, --verbose  show verbose results                 [default: false]
  -h, --help     display this help message            [default: false]
$ npm install whois
var whois = require('whois')
whois.lookup('', function(err, data) {

You may pass an object in between the address and the callback function to tweak the behavior of the lookup function:

    "server":  "",   // this can be a string ("host:port") or an object with host and port as its keys; leaving it empty makes lookup rely on servers.json 
    "follow":  2,    // number of times to follow redirects 
    "timeout": 0,    // socket timeout, excluding this doesn't override any default timeout value 
    "verbose": false // setting this to true returns an array of responses from all servers 

Contributions are welcome.

Node WHOIS is available under the BSD (2-Clause) License.