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Where Away?

Generate a keyboard-navigable personal bookmark webpage from your bookmarks manifest. Translates a bookmark registry into an HTML bookmark page that does the same thing as your web browser's bookmark toolbar, except it's keyboard navigable. The navigation is inspired by intelliJ and Excel's Alt+ shortcuts where a number/letter is superimposed/underlined on the actions, pressing the number/letter takes that action.


See example in ./demo, which is deployed to https://where-away.netlify.app/

The name

from Nautical Dictionary from MarineWaypoints.com

Where Away? - Inquiry addressed to a look-out man, demanding precise direction of an object he has sighted and reported.

Read more in the related ADR


npx where-away < bookmarks.json > bookmarks.html

Developer Notes

Test & Publish


  • full regression: npm test. This runs all the test suites:
  • test suites:
    • unit tests: npm run test:unit
    • acceptance test: npm run test:acceptance
      • this creates a test sandbox by creating a temp directory, initializing npm, installing where-away (from this directory)
      • it also runs the where-away cli in that sandbox to generate an HTML file
      • then we use Jest in the test/acceptance/**/*.spec.js files to test the contents of that generated HTML file
  • manual testing: you can run npm run sandbox to create a new sandbox, process some sample input (from the acceptance test fixtures directory) and open the rendered html file

Notes on Acceptance Test suite

To be truly end-to-end, each test run gets its own temporary directory and a fresh npm install of where-away from disk. This is good for having a convincing test, but it's slowish to start. (Aside: we refer to that temporary directory as a test sandbox.) If you're iterating on your test code without changing the production code, there's no need to create a new temporary directory every time. After running it once, copy the tmp path from the command output. It looks something like this:

 ▸ Creating temp directory
    ↳ /tmp/where-away-test.eNZbXKbi5

On the next run, prefix the command with TEST_SANDBOX=/tmp/where-away-test.eNZbXKbi5 to skip the sandbox creation step.



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