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What's the Damage? ...of running that script in time, CPU and memory usage

Runs scripts and benchmarks their execution time, CPU usage, and memory usage by running each script many times, and returning an average of all results.


npm install whats-the-damage


import DamageOf from 'whats-the-damage';

]).then(damages => {

(because it's a promise you can await the results too of course)

The promise will return an array of results, each of which look like...

  "time": AVERAGE,
  "cpu": {
    "user": AVERAGE,
    "system": AVERAGE
  "memory": {
    "rss": AVERAGE,
    "heapTotal": AVERAGE,
    "heapUsed": AVERAGE,
    "external": AVERAGE
  "snapshot": {
    "everyMilliseconds": 1000,
    "snapshots": [
        "cpu": AVERAGE,
        "memory": AVERAGE,
        "time": AVERAGE
        "cpu": AVERAGE,
        "memory": AVERAGE,
        "time": AVERAGE
  "exitCode": 0,
  "repeat": 10

AVERAGE is a statistical analysis of multiple executions of your script which looks like,

  "mean": 5.584533965,
  "median": 5.584533965,
  "standardDeviation": 0.08703098499999973,
  "max": 5.67156495,
  "min": 5.49750298

So if you just want to see how long (on average) your script takes to run you could...

const damages = await DamageOf(['/path/to/script1.js']);

How does it work?

It forks your scripts and runs them sequentially while monitoring the processes' memory, CPU usage, and duration.



DamageOf(pathsArray, OPTIONS);

I've already explained the first argument (an array of full script paths).

OPTIONS is an optional object that is merged with default options, which are,

async: false, // Boolean.
              // Running tests in parallel will cause eratic results.
              // so not recommended to set to true.
              // Perhaps useful if you're trying to get a quick and
              // broad overview of results though.

snapshotEveryMilliseconds: 1000, // number in milliseconds
                                 // when watching the script, snapshot
                                 // the memory/cpu/time this frequently

repeat: 10, // number of times to run each script

progress: (...args) => {} // A callback that receives progress updates
                          // because benchmarks can take a while.
                          // Defaults to printing to console.log.
                          // Can be set to null to silence it.
                          // The args can be anything and this isn't yet
                          // standardised


Returns an object that looks like,

  versions: process.versions,
  arch: os.arch(),
  cpus: os.cpus(),
  totalmem: os.totalmem(),
  type: os.type()

Useful for distinguishing benchmarks across different machines.

See the Node.js docs for process and os for more.

whats-the-damage is part of the XML-Zero.js project.

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