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This package has been deprecated

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package has been renamed to npm-fetch-changelog and options have changed


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list breaking changes in newer major versions of packages

How it works

Right now only packages hosted on GitHub are supported. what-broke will get the package info and repository URL from npm, then try to fetch the GitHub release for each relevant version tag. If no GitHub release is found it will fall back to trying to parse the package's or GitHub releases are way more reliable for this purpose though, so please use them!


what-broke inevitably fails to find changelog entries for some packages/releases because many maintainers are not very detail-oriented about it (and don't choose to use excellent tools that would do the work for them, like semantic-release).

However, I've also seen cases where some versions were never published to npm (for instance, at the time of writing, superagent version 5.0.0 was never published to npm, yet it does have a changelog entry). what-broke currently only displays changelog entries for published versions.

API Tokens

GitHub heavily rate limits public API requests, but allows more throughput for authenticated requests. If you set the GH_TOKEN environment variable to a personal access token, what-broke will use it when requesting GitHub releases.

what-broke will also use the NPM_TOKEN environment variable or try to get the npm token from your ~/.npmrc, so that it can get information for private packages you request.


npm i -g what-broke
what-broke <package> [--full] [<from verison> [<to version>]]

Will print out the changelog contents for all major and prerelease versions in the given range. (If --full is given, it will also include minor and patch versions.)

If package is installed in the current working directory, <from version> will default to the installed version.

Node.js API

(the CLI just uses this under the hood)

import whatBroke from 'what-broke'
async function whatBroke(
  package: string,
  options?: {
    fromVersion?: ?string,
    toVersion?: ?string,
    full?: ?boolean,
): Promise<Array<{version: string, body: string}>>


npm i what-broke

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