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Whales' names 🐋

Simplistic solution of why can't I reach my docker containers by name? problem. Continuously update hosts file (/etc/hosts) with docker container names and aliases and watch for changes.

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Installation 🔨

$ npm install -g whales-names

Usage 📘

$ whales-names
Synchronizing docker container hostnames in hosts file.

Afterwards you are going to see a new section in the end of your /etc/hosts file:


# whales-names begin	dfbf5d96df3e node1	79468a158d1e node2	0c9b251458f4 db
# whales-names end

You can end it with simple Ctrl+C. Errors, if any are going to be printed on the console.

Elevated privileges ⚠️

Due to file permissions of /etc/hosts file you need to use elevated privileges (run as Administrator, if you will) for running it.

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Free Willy (1993) 🐳


npm i whales-names

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