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weight tells you the memory usage and loading time of your module. Inspired by

So read up on Unix Philosophy and node.js and make sure to write small modules that do just one thing but do that well.

Remember people, this is not Java. Your modules are not supposed to take 1 minute to start and use > 2G right after startup.


$ npm install weight


$ cd yourmodule
$ weight # current directory
load time: 25.723ms
js heap usage: 640.8kb
$ weight node_modules/mocha # relative directory
load time: 28.119ms
js heap usage: 806.2kb
$ weight /usr/lib/node_modules/weight/node_modules/bytes # absolute directory
load time: 0.636ms
js heap usage: 6.59kb


  • loading time incurrs IO, so make sure your caches are warm!
  • heap usage uses process.memoryUsage().heapUsed internally, so it depends a lot on GC behavior. I actually had situations where it reported negative numbers, haha. So use this with caution!