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Weex Engineering Development Kit


Weexpack introduction

Weexpack is our next generation of engineering development kits. It allows developers to create weex projects with simple commands and run the project on different development platforms.

pre-environmental requirements

  • Currently only supported on Mac.
  • Configure the [Node.js] 1 environment and install the [npm] 2 package manager.
  • Configure iOS development environment:
    • Install [Xcode IDE] 3 to launch Xcode once so that Xcode automatically installs the Developer Tools and confirms the usage protocol.
  • Configure the Android development environment:
    • Install [Android Studio] 4 and open the new project. Open the menu bar, open the [AVD Manager] 5, the new Android emulator and start. (If you have installed [Docker] 6, close the Docker Server.)
    • Or just download the [Android SDK] 7, run the command line [AVD Manager] 8, create a new Android emulator and launch it.


First, install the weex-pack command globally:

$ npm install -g weexpack

Then, create the weex project:

$ weexpack init appName

Weexpack automatically creates a new directory named appName and pulls the project template to that directory.

The final resulting directory structure looks like this:

-> / appName
|—— .gitignore
|—— README.md
|—— package.json
|—— webpack.config.js
|—— /src
|     |—— index.we
|—— /html5
|     |—— index.html
|—— /ios
|     |—— /playground
|     |—— /sdk
|     |—— /WXDevtool
|—— /android
|     |—— /playground
|     |—— /appframework

Next, go to the directory, and install the dependencies:

$ cd appName && npm install

On the ios platform, run the project:

$ weexpack run ios

In the android platform, run the project:

$ weexpack run android

On the html5 platform, run the project:

$ weexpack run html5

For developers who have a packaged release, you can make changes directly to the playground project. Follow-up, weexpack will be further added to the packaging, testing and other functions.


npm i weex-pack

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