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    Lightweight, Fast, Material and Full-Featured Android Web Browser.



    Use the Interface settings, to change the app theme to dark or light. Add a little curved on edge of screen or make your favorite photo or wallpaper as app main background. Redefined your browsing experience with customization from Webvium.

    Lightweight & Faster

    Webvium is designed to be the most lightweight app possible. Lightweight means faster installation time, faster download time, better app experience. Share this app to your friends within fraction of a seconds.

    Material Design

    Immerse yourself in new and awesome browser fully material based designed. The colors and icons are carefully picked for you, and it uses one of the coolest fonts ever The Maven Pro from Google Fonts. Easier UI Navigation and modern based UI designs.

    Total Browsing Control

    Here you can customize your all of web settings preferences if you wanted anytime. Webvium guaranteed that your the admin(super-user) of the app.

    Incomparable Privacy

    Protect your privacy, Webvium does not collect any kind of data Your browsing activity is at highest security and anonymous.

    You In Control

    Yeah, the only browser that allows you to backup all of your data settings preferences, history, searches, bookmarks and download list and export it when you needed.

    Manage Space

    It does not mean Webvium is lightweight we wont care about your storage free space. Here we revolutionize how browser should look like. In Webvium Manage Space you can see what part of webvium tool so much space and delete them whenever you want.


    Stay safe while surfing the Internet. Webvium AdBlocker will take care of blocking ads, analytics and error monitoring.

    Webvium VPN

    Anonymous, Secured, Private and the fastest Virtual Private Network.

    For more info check Webvium Webpage


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