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The charting library extracted from Webtrader. See Demo

How to use it

Use npm / yarn

npm install --save webtrader-charts
yarn add webtrader-charts

You need to provide these dependences jquery, moment and highstock#5.0.x.
Take a look at webpack.config.js -> externals.

Basic usage

 import wtcharts from 'webtrader-charts';
 // init must be called before anything else.
    appId: 11,
    lang: 'en',
    server: 'wss://'
 // supported langauges are [ 'ar', 'ja', 'en', 'de', 'es', 'fr', 'id', 'it', 'pl', 'pt', 'ru', 'th', 'vi', 'zh_cn', 'zh_tw']
 const chart =  wtcharts.chartWindow.addNewChart($parent, {
    "type": "line", // default is 'line'
    "timePeriod": "1m", // default is '1t'
    "instrumentCode": "RDBULL",
    "instrumentName": "Bull Market Index",
    "showInstrumentName": true, // default is false
    "showOverlays": false, // default is true
    "showShare": false, // default is true
    "count": 1000, // number of bars to load, default is 1000
    "indicators": [
          "id": "cks",
          "name": "Chande Kroll Stop",
          "options": {
             "period": 10,
             "maxMinPeriod": 20,
             "multiplier": 3,
             "longStopStroke": "#00C176",
             "shortStopStroke": "#FF003C",
             "strokeWidth": 1,
             "dashStyle": "Solid"
    "overlays": [ ],
    enableMobileView: false, // default is false
     /* optional field timezoneOffset in minutes, see (
        timezone is global in highcharts, this option will effect other charts on the page */
    "timezoneOffset": 0,
 // Will be called every time user makes a change = () => {
    // Pass to addNewChart() to restore a chart.
 chart.actions.reflow(); // Resizes the chart, call it when container is resized.
 chart.actions.refresh(); // Refreshes the entire chart.
 chart.actions.destroy(); // Destroys the chart. returns a promise.
 chart.actions.stopStreaming(); // Unsubcribe from the tick stream.

Supporting mobile (Exprimental)

Pass enableMobileView: true to make chart mobile friendly. This option disables the navigator and shrinks the scrollbar.

In mobile devices it is recommended to reduce count: 200, this will improve performance but do not use a smaller value because some indicators might not work properly.

Displaying trade results (Exprimental)

Alt text

Note: This is an exprimental api, it might change in future releases.

   // epoch is in milliseconds for all draw methods.
   chart.darw.startTime(epoch); // draws a vertical orange line at epoch.
   chart.draw.endTime(epoch); // dashed vertical line at epoch.
   chart.draw.entrySpot(epoch); // empty orange circle at epoch
   chart.draw.exitSpot(epoch); // filled orange circle at epoch
   chart.draw.barrier({value: value, label: label}); // draws a green horizontal barrier line

How to extend it

  • Clone the repo
  • Change webpack.config.js to write the output into /example folder.
  • yarn install on both main project and /example folder.
  • yarn watch on main project.
  • yarn watch on /example folder.
  • Open localhost:8080

building translations

  • Run yarn build-translation to get dictionary.json file.
  • The language files /src/i18/{lang}.json files.
  • The library uses the generated dictionary.json file.

deploying to gh-pages

  • yarn deploy-example to deploy the /example folder.
  • yarn deploy-hard to deploy latest version embedded in binary-static (for testing)
  • yarn deploy-soft same as yarn deploy-hard (use it the second time you are deploying).
  • app-id for is 7770