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Webtorrent Web UI

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A simple-yet-complete web user interface for Webtorrent. Based on the Transmission web UI, and of course Webtorrent for the torrenting bit.

# Install 
$ npm i -g webtorrent-webui
# Run 
$ webtorrent-webui -h
Webtorrent Web UI
  -h  displays this message
  -t  sets the torrent folder         - default ~/.torrent_folder
  -d  sets the download folder        - default ~/Downloads
  -v  gives a console status msg/sec  - default disabled
  -l  sets the host to listen to      - default
  -p  sets the port to listen to      - default 9081

Checkout the docker folder for an example docker image running with OpenVPN.

A version of webtorrent-webui fueled by webtorrent-hybrid is also available ! Checkout webtorrent-webui-hybrid.


  • Modernize UI: drag'n'drop torrents, paste magnetlinks...
  • Rename things properly
  • Spin file server with downloaded files
  • Tests
  • Use sass, revert hardcoded CSS