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    MaidSafe is an awesome technology being developed since 2006 with the goal of making a fully decentralized and autonomaus web. Currently in Alpha 2 it's still very difficult to combine it's API in order to create meaningful interactions. This library aims in abstracting useful patterns for using in any applications aiming for the SAFE Browser.


    npm i websafe -S


    yarn add websafe

    Now you can simply import individual functions to your project

    const { init } = require('safeweb')
    const { appHandle, authUri } = await init(appInfo, perms, true)

    We will be using await/async functions, since they're are the cleanest way of writing and reading asynchronous code, and are native to the SAFE Browser.



    function description
    init({appInfo}, {permissions}, ownContainer<bool>) boostrapping application to the SAFE network
    get(appHandle, 'serviceName', tagType) gets data for a mutable data service
    put(appHandle, {serviceInfo}, [data], isPrivate<bool>) puts key/value pair on a service instance

    Wallet API

    function description
    createWallet(appHandle, pk, {walletInfo}) creates a new wallet
    mintCoin(appHandle, {coinInfo}, pk) creates a new single asset
    sendTxNotif(appHandle, pk, [coinIds], {assetInfo}) sends a notification to an inbox
    createTxInbox(appHandle, pk, {inboxInfo}) creates a new inbox for transactions
    loadWalletData(appHandle, serialisedWallet, key) loads a wallet's data
    readTxInboxData(appHandle, pk, {inboxInfo}) reads transactions inbox data
    fetchCoin(appHandle, coinInfo) fetches a specific's coin's information
    checkOwnership(appHandle, pk, coinId) checks ownership of an asset


    init({appInfo}, {permissions}, ownContainer<bool>)

    Bootstrs the application by: initialising, authorising and connecting. Returns appHandle and authUri which are used in other functions.

    const appInfo = {
        id: 'app.moinhodigital.0.1',
        name: 'My App',
        vendor: 'moinhodigital'
    const perms = {
        _public: ['Read', 'Insert', 'Update', 'Delete'],
        _publicNames: ['Read', 'Insert', 'Update', 'Delete']
    const { appHandle, authUri } = await init(appInfo, perms, true)

    get(appHandle, 'serviceName', typeTag, metadata<bool>)

    Takes serviceName which is a string such as 'name-private-0101010101010101010' or 'ownContainer' if you want to use the app's ownContainer, a tag type, which is a number greater than 16000 and a boolean if you want to show metadata, defaults to false.

    const serviceInfo = {
      key: 'ownContainer',
      tagType: 29001
    await get(state.appHandle, serviceInfo.key, serviceInfo.tagType)

    put(appHandle, {serviceInfo}, [data], isPrivate<bool>)

    If non existing creates a new mutable data instance with the serviceInfo object. Return the data object if sucessful.

    const serviceInfo = {
      key: 'ownContainer',
      tagType: 29001,
      name: 'Service name',
      description: 'Service description'
    await put(state.appHandle, serviceInfo, { hello: 'world' })


    Mostly based on safe-coins-wallet and safe-faucet.

    createWallet(appHandle, pk, {walletInfo})

    Creates a new wallet with an input public key and wallet information, returns serialised handle for the mutable data.

    const walletInfo = {
        name: 'Wallet',
        description: 'Container to receive notifications for wallet transactions',
        key: '__coins',
        tagType: 1012017
    const wallet = await createWallet(appHandle, pk, walletInfo)
    // 100,118,37,35,91,42,43,249,44...

    mintCoin(appHandle, {coinInfo}, pk)

    Mints new coins and returns the new coin's id.

    coinInfo = {
        owner: 'GENESIS',
        key: 'coin-data',
        tagType: 21082018
    const coinXorName = await mintCoin(appHandle, pk, coinInfo)

    sendTxNotif(appHandle, pk, [coinIds], {assetInfo})

    Send notification of a transaction to recipient, returns transaction id.

    const assetInfo = {
        name: formData.asset,
        key: '__tx_enc_pk',
        tagType: 20082018
    await sendTxNotif(appHandle, pk, coinIds, assetInfo)

    createTxInbox(appHandle, pk, {inboxInfo})

    Cretes an container to store transactions for the wallet, returns private/public keys for the container.

    const inboxInfo = {
        key: '__tx_enc_pk',
        name: 'Transaction Inbox',
        description: 'Container to receive notifications of transactions',
        tagType: 20082018
    // {
    //     pk: "d95571fd086a8e5d27c2dffe239cdeb70d971b0lu0ec860a8f672cfe7790915a",
    //     sk: "450dca921a295f55b6a214ffd2cpo221f2e30a91c4042cc874586911186f0efb"
    // }

    loadWalletData(appHandle, serialisedWallet, key)

    Loads data from wallet using wallet serialised wallet handle and wallet key, returns data.

    const walletInfo = {
        key: '__coins',
    const wallet = await createWallet(appHandle, input, walletInfo)
    const walletCoins = await loadWalletData(appHandle, wallet, walletInfo.key)

    readTxInboxData(appHandle, pk, {inboxInfo})

    Reads transaction inbox data using user public key and inbox information.

    const inboxInfo = {
        name: 'Transaction Inbox',
        description: 'Container to receive notifications of transactions',
        tagType: 20082018
        key: '__tx_enc_pk',
        metadataKey: '_metadata',
        tagType: 20082018
    const inbox = await createTxInbox(appHandle, input, inboxInfo)
    inboxInfo.encPk =
    inboxInfo.encSk =
    const inboxData = await readTxInboxData(appHandle, pk, inboxInfo)
    // [Array]

    fetchCoin(appHandle, coinInfo)

    Fetches a coin's handle by using it's ID, returns coin's MD object and handle.

    const coinInfo = {
    const { coin, coinHandle } = await fetchCoin(appHandle, coinInfo)

    checkOwnership(appHandle, pk, coinId)

    Check's ownership of certain coin using user's public key and coin id, returns coin's data.

    const { coin, coinHandle } = await fetchCoin(appHandle, coinInfo)
    let coinData = await checkOwnership(appHandle, pk, coin.buf.toString())

    transferCoin(appHandle, pk, sk, {coinInfo}, recipient)

    Changes coin ownership using coinInfo and recipient's address, returns transaction id.

    const coinInfo = {
        id: '6bbb7f94ed0bc4a9b99a008ccc0f537e4b54917eb81bfeca5f1124cd50a4d3d1',
        key: '__coins',
        tagType: 1012017
    const transfer = await transferCoin(appHandle, pk,, coinInfo, 'Satoshi Nakamoto')

    removeTxInboxData(appHandle, pk, [txs], tagType)

    Removes transaction from inbox data.

    storeCoinsToWallet(appHandle, serialisedWallet, coins, key)

    Store coins to wallet.


    encrypt(appHandle, input, pk)

    Encrypts any input with the users public key.

    const encData = await encrypt(appHandle, input, pk)
    // ArrayBuffer()

    insertEntriesEncrypted(appHandle, mdHandle, {data})

    Inserts encrypted data to mutation. Data is an object.

    const emptyData = {
        coins: JSON.stringify([])
    await insertEntriesEncrypted(appHandle, mdHandle, emptyData)


    Generates a new public/private pair for the user.

    const encKeys = await genKeyPair(appHandle)
    // {
    //     pk: "d95571fd086a8e5d27c2dffe239cdeb70d971b0lu0ec860a8f672cfe7790915a",
    //     sk: "450dca921a295f55b6a214ffd2cpo221f2e30a91c4042cc874586911186f0efb"
    // }

    genXorName(appHandle, pk)

    Generates a xor name using users public key.

    const xorName = await genXorName(appHandle, pk)
    // Array Buffer {}

    decrypt(appHandle, data, encPk, encSk)

    Decrypts data using users encrypted public and secret keys, returns decrypted data.

    const decryptedTxs = await decryptTxs(appHandle, encryptedTxs, encPk, encSk)
    // [Array]


    const txId = genId(32)
    // 6121128e237df38bb4aff3152109cc415a8aff3255766c07a9c026df8a3cba61


    GET Immutable Data

    PUT Immutable Data


    Please do contribute! We need everyones help to figure out common patterns in building applications for the SAFE web.




    npm i websafe

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