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WebRTC utilities

Contains shared utilities, support tools and frameworks for the other WebRTC sub repositories.

Install using npm

npm install webrtc-utilities --save-dev


src/selenium/selenium-lib.js contains all that is needed to build a selenium webdriver driver for Chrome and Firefox (whatever is set in the BROWSER and BVER variables).

node and commonjs


src/testrunner/ that helps travis-multirunner to download and install Chrome and Firefox browser from stable, beta and unstable channels. Also starts the tests using node.

This will be added to node_modules/.bin and can be called on in package.json file, e.g.

"scripts": {
    "test": "start-tests"


Add new utilities under the src folder and add them to the main.js file in the project root with the appropriate module.export set.

Detailed information on developing in the webrtc github repositories can be found in the WebRTC GitHub repo developer's guide.