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    This project came up with a concept that we have babel-node and other similar clis, but why not take advantage of webpack and it's multiple options and compile your source code, and run it? Yeah, that is the idea of webpackx.

    This still at an alpha stage, it has few bugs which are being hard to fix for now, but i need feedback from the users to be able to add more features to it.

    Getting started

    Pre requisites

    • Have a babel config file
    • Have everything you need to run babel
    • have installed @babel/core


    npm install webpackx @babel/core

    yarn add -D webpackx @babel/core


        --nodeExternals 			enables webpack-node-externals

    If you have a webpack config anywhere on your folder, it is going to grab it, merge with our default config, with no need for you to do anything.


    webpackx <file you want to transpile and run>

    For e.g:

    webpackx ./index.tsx

    It is going to compile your file and run it's result.

    Example and use cases

    Well, if you were to start developing a node script where you are using typescript, or babel with a proposal that is not already implemented, for example optional chaining. You would need to use babel-node or ts-node to be able to run on node those scripts, or bunch of scripts.

    Why cant we take advantage of webpack powerful tree shaking, bundling and few other features and merge everything together on a easy way? That is why webpackx started.

    Given for example, you created your server using typescript. You would do the following to start it on node:

    webpackx ./app.ts 

    This will trigger a webpack build, compile it and execute on node!

    Next steps

    It is on an alpha stage, for now you need to install @babel/core as well, but we are working to fix it.

    [ ] Add possibility to change webpack config/update




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