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A boilerplate for creating applications with Webpack 2.2, Babel w/ babel-preset-env, and React.

This package includes everything you need to start building an application with Webpack 2 and React.


Here you'll find a list of devDependencies for creating this type of application, however, they are listed under 'dependencies' since I use this project as a grouped devDependency in my personal projects.


Here is an example of what your package.json might look like, were you to use this package as a devDependency. Should you choose to do so, you can install this package with the command:

npm install --save-dev webpack2-react-env-boilerplate


Using the command NODE_ENV=development && node server.js will start your application with hot module reloading on port :3000 of your localhost, using the webpack configuration at and the index file at index.html.

This is an example of a basic development webpack configuration file for this type of application.


This is an example of a basic distribution webpack configuration file for this type of application. Commented out are examples of implementing http2 aggressive code splitting.


This is an example of a basic Babel 6 configuration utilizing babel-preset-env.


This is where example index files for both hot reloading ( and distribution builds (index.js) are located, as well as the 'Hello world' React component (App.js).


Development Javascript files are output to this folder from and static assets such as images and SASS can be placed in here.