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    WebExtension Plugin for Webpack 5. Supports code-splitting and Hot Module Reload.

    Looking for webpack 4 support? Please install 0.2.1. Document for 0.2.1.


    Choose the package manager you're using.

    yarn add -D webpack-target-webextension
    npm install -D webpack-target-webextension
    pnpm install -D webpack-target-webextension

    Features & How to configure

    Code splitting

    Content script

    You need to configure at least one of the following to make code-splitting work for the content script.

    1. dynamic import()
      • Requires Firefox 89 and Chrome 63(?).
      • Set output.environment.dynamicImport to true in your webpack config.
      • You must set web_accessible_resources to your JS files in your manifest.json.
      • Normal web sites can access your resources in web_accessible_resources too.
      • Example: ./examples/code-splitting-way-1
    2. via chrome.tabs.executeScript (Manifest V2)
    3. via chrome.scripting.executeScript (Manifest V3)

    Background worker (Manifest V3)

    Not working with "background.type" set to "module" (native ES Module service worker). Tracking issue: #24

    Support code-splitting out of the box, but it will load all chunks (but not execute them).

    See for the reason.

    This fix can be turned off by setting options.background.eagerChunkLoading to false.

    Example: ./examples/code-splitting-way-3

    Hot Module Reload

    It's not possible to support HMR for Manifest V3 background worker before this bug is fixed.

    In content script of Firefox, the HMR WebSocket server might be blocked by the Content Security Policy and prevent the reset of the code to be executed. Please disable hmr if you encountered this problem.

    This plugin works with Hot Module Reload. Please set to "only" (or true) to enable it. It will modify your devServer configuration to adapt to the Web Extension environment. To disable this behavior, set options.hmrConfig to false.

    You need to add *.json to your web_accessible_resources in order to download HMR manifest.

    Example: Manifest V2 ./examples/hmr-mv2

    Example: Manifest V3 ./examples/hmr-mv3

    Example: Draw UI in the content scripts with React and get React HRM. ./examples/react-hmr

    Source map

    To use source map based on eval, you must use Manifest V2 and have script-src 'self' 'unsafe-eval'; in your CSP (content security policy).

    DO NOT add unsafe-eval to your CSP in production mode!

    Public path

    This plugin supports the public path when output.path is set.




    new WebExtensionPlugin({
      background: { entry: 'background', manifest: 2 },
    export interface BackgroundOptions {
       * The entry point of the background scripts
       * in your webpack config.
      entry: string
       * Using Manifest V2 or V3.
       * If using Manifest V3,
       * the entry you provided will be packed as a Worker.
       * @defaultValue 2
      manifest?: 2 | 3
       * Only affects in Manifest V3.
       * Load all chunks at the beginning
       * to workaround the chrome bug
       * @defaultValue true
      eagerChunkLoading?: boolean
       * Add the support code that use
       * `chrome.scripting.executeScript` (MV3) or
       * `chrome.tabs.executeScript` (MV2) when
       * dynamic import does not work for chunk loading
       * in the content script.
       * @defaultValue true
      classicLoader?: boolean


    Default value: true


    new WebExtensionPlugin({ hmrConfig: false })


    If you need to use this plugin with mini-css-extract-plugin or HtmlWebpackPlugin, please enable this option.


    npm i webpack-target-webextension

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