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    Clear reporting of bundle sizes relative to a prior build. This is particularly useful for understanding the outcome of webpack configuration changes.

    Why is this useful?

    Webpack logs the absolute sizes of bundles, but it's hard to see the overall impact of a code or configuration change. For projects with more than a few assets, it's nearly impossible. For example, if you wanted to see the effect of changing webpack's optimization.splitChunks.chunks from its default "async" value to the recommended "all", instead of trying to compare the standard webpack outputs

    standard webpack report with chunks: async

    standard webpack report with chunks: all

    Adding this webplack plugin will highlight only the key changes:

    webpack-stats-diff-plugin comparison output

    Installation & Usage

    npm install webpack-stats-diff-plugin --save-dev

    To establish a baseline to compare to, you'll need the build to output a json stats file. This can be done by adding an npm script like "build_stats": "webpack --profile --json > stats/master.json" or using webpack-stats-plugin with opts.fields containing "assets".

    Add the following to your webpack config to conditionally use the plugin when passed a CLI flag:

    const WebpackStatsDiffPlugin = require('webpack-stats-diff-plugin');
    module.exports = (env = {}) => {
      // ... other webpack config
      plugins: [
        // ... other plugins
        env.oldStatsFile && new WebpackStatsDiffPlugin({
          oldStatsFile: env.oldStatsFile

    To see your changes since that prior build, add on the flag to your existing webpack build command. For example,

    npm run build -- --env.oldStatsFile=stats/master.json

    Additional configuration

    The WebpackStatsDiffPlugin constructor can also take in the following fields:

    • extensions: An array of strings, optionally with a leading period. If provided, only asset files matching a given extension will be displayed and used for calculating totals. For example, extensions: ['.js'] will only show size changes for built javascript files.

    • threshold: Minimum difference percentage to qualify as a significant change. This prevents flooding the output with files that have only trivially changed their compiled output. Defaults to 5. Can set to 0 to see all changes.


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