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    webpack-run-chrome-extension workflow npm

    Run your browser extension on Chrome with zero-config auto-reload support

    Opens up a new Chrome instance with an extension loaded. Resources declared in manifest.json are auto-reloaded by default, including JavaScript and CSS declared in Manifest HTML pages. This plugin accepts all flags Chrome does (see browserFlags) and loads on a clean profile by default.


    • Zero-config auto-reload for virtually everything including all HTML overrides, and every resource you plan to require via <script> and <link> in manifest declared HTML pages.
    • Fresh profile with developer mode enabled by default on every run. (customizable)
    • Opens the handy "chrome://extensions" by default for fast debugging.
    • Uses the system browser instead of fully downloading Chrome. (accepts Canary builds)
    • Closing the webpack process instantly kills all child processes. No extra steps to open/close Chrome.
    • Supports virtually all Chrome flags.

    See it in action

    git clone
    cd webpack-run-chrome-extension && yarn install
    yarn demo

    npm start


    yarn add webpack-run-chrome-extension --save-dev

    If you want to watch for file changes in your extension, watch mode must be enabled.

    // webpack config file
    + const RunChromeExtension = require('webpack-run-chrome-extension')
    module.exports {
    +  watch: true,
      plugins: [
    +   new RunChromeExtension({
    +     extensionPath: 'path/to/extension'
    +   })

    Lazy sample

    const RunChromeExtension = require('webpack-run-chrome-extension')
    new RunChromeExtension({
      extensionPath: 'path/to/extension/dir', // Only required field
      browserFlags: [
      userDataDir: 'path/to/user/data/dir',
      startingUrl: '',
      autoReload: true,
      port: 8081


    new RunChromeExtension(options)


    extensionPath (required)

    Type: string

    Path to your extension. Must point to the same directory as the manifest file.

    browserFlags (optional)

    Type: Array<string>

    Additional flags to pass to Chrome. Defaults to these flags.

    For a full list of available flags, see

    userDataDir (optional)

    Type: string | boolean

    What Chrome profile path to use. A boolean value of false sets the profile to the default user profile. Defaults to a fresh Chrome profile.

    startingUrl (optional)

    Type: string

    What URL to start the browser with. Defaults to about:blank

    autoReload (optional)

    Type: boolean

    Whether to enable auto-reload on save. Defaults to true

    port (optional)

    Type: number

    What port should run the extension reloader. Defaults to 8081


    MIT (c) Cezar Augusto.


    npm i webpack-run-chrome-extension

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