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Provides installed packages as globals for webpack

Helper plugin that uses the webpack ProvidePlugin with the help of the (imports-loader)[] and the (exports-loader)[].


You must be running webpack on node 0.12.x or higher

Install the plugin with npm:

$ npm install --save-dev webpack-provide-global-plugin


Setting up fetch and Promise globals:

plugins: [
    new WebpackProvideGlobalPlugin({
        "es6-promise": "Promise",
        "whatwg-fetch": "fetch"

This is is identical to writing:

plugins: [
    new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
        "Promise": "imports-loader?this=>global!exports-loader?global.Promise!es6-promise",
        "fetch": "imports-loader?this=>global!exports-loader?global.fetch!whatwg-fetch"