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At first I wanted to make it a 'webpack production builder'. But 
then, I decided to leave the compiling function to developers' 
local implementation so developers can use Webpack, rollup or anything else. 
In the end, this builder is just a minifying and uglification tool based on gulp.


npm install webpack-production-builder -g

CLI Command


wpb -i input_path -o output_path


wpb --input input_path --output output_path


wpb -h


wpb --help

compile ignore

Add a json file named .staticignore.json to the root directory of your code to configure compiling.
Content of the file is like bellow:

  "compileIgnore": [
  "completelyIgnore": [

compileIgnore : files that match the rules will not be compiled, and will be in the output directory untouched specified by {{output_path}}.
completelyIgnore : files that match it's rules will be removed completely from the output directory specified by {{output_path}}.


If you use react or ES2015, errors may be reported when compiling code with wpb. In this situation, you should install babel-preset-react or babel-preset-es2015 in the parent or higher directory of the code file