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This is a webpack plugin that uses the node-notifier package to display build status system notifications to the user.

webpack-notifier screenshot

This is a fork of the webpack-error-notification plugin. It adds support for Windows and there is no need to manually install the terminal-notifier package on OS X anymore.

The plugin will notify you about the first run (success/fail), all failed runs and the first successful run after recovering from a build failure. In other words: it will stay silent if everything is fine with your build.


Use npm to install this package:

npm install --save-dev webpack-notifier

Check the node-notifier Requirements whether you need to install any additional tools for your OS.


In the webpack.config.js file:

var WebpackNotifierPlugin = require('webpack-notifier');
var config = module.exports = {
  // ... 
  plugins: [
    new WebpackNotifierPlugin(),



Title shown in the notification.

new WebpackNotifierPlugin({title: 'Webpack'});

Content Image

Image shown in the notification.

var path = require('path');
new WebpackNotifierPlugin({contentImage: path.join(__dirname, 'logo.png')});

Exclude Warnings

If set to true, warnings will not cause a notification.

new WebpackNotifierPlugin({excludeWarnings: true});

Always Notify

Trigger a notification every time. Call it "noisy-mode".

new WebpackNotifierPlugin({alwaysNotify: true});