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    MJML webpack loader

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    This webpack loader transforms your MJML files into html strings to be imported in nodejs. MJML is linked as peer dependency so you can use the version that you want.

    This is for webpack 5, for webpack 4 see v1.1.0


    Install the package as devDependency:

    yarn add -D webpack-mjml-loader

    Install MJML package as devDependency:

    yarn add -D mjml

    Update your webpack config:

    // webpack.config.js
    module.exports = {
      /* The rest of your webpack config */
      module: {
        rules: [
          /* Your other rules like babel-loader */
            test: /\.mjml$/,
            use: [
                loader: 'webpack-mjml-loader',
                options: { /* any mjml options */ minify: true } // optional, you can omit options

    Enjoy !

    import { default as foobarTemplate } from './foobar.mjml'
    sendEmail(foobarTemplate, { /* my options */ })

    Local Development

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    yarn start

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    yarn build

    Bundles the package to the dist folder. The package is optimized and bundled with Rollup into multiple formats (CommonJS, UMD, and ES Module).

    yarn test

    Runs the test watcher (Jest) in an interactive mode. By default, runs tests related to files changed since the last commit.


    npm i webpack-mjml-loader

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