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The webpack-dev-middleware, but for isomorphic applications.



$ npm install webpack-isomorphic-dev-middleware --save-dev

The current version works with webpack v2, v3 and v4.
You might get a peer dependency warning when using webpack v2 or v3 but you may ignore it.


Building applications powered by webpack with server-side rendering (isomorphic/universal apps) is hard.

When making a production build, you must compile both the client and server. When developing, we want to rebuild the client & server and bring in the new compiled code without restarting/reloading the application. This is complex, especially setting up the development server.

To make your development workflow easier to setup, webpack-isomorphic-dev-middleware offers an express middleware that:

  • Looks for code changes in both the client and the server and automatically compiles them
  • Optimizes compilation by using in-memory filesystem
  • Delays responses until the aggregated compiler finishes
  • Adds isomorphic to res.locals, which includes the webpack stats and the methods exported in your server file
  • Offers beautiful compilation reporting into your terminal
  • Receive status through OS notifications
  • Shows compilation errors in the browser on refresh, similar to the ones you get on the terminal


const express = require('express');
const webpack = require('webpack');
const webpackIsomorphicDevMiddleware = require('webpack-isomorphic-dev-middleware');
const webpackHotMiddleware = require('webpack-hot-middleware');
const clientCompiler = webpack({ /* webpack client config */ });
const serverCompiler = webpack({ /* webpack server config */ });
const app = express();
// Serve any static files from the public folder
app.use('/', express.static('public', { maxAge: 0, etag: false }));
// Add the middleware that will wait for both client and server compilations to be ready
app.use(webpackIsomorphicDevMiddleware(clientCompiler, serverCompiler));
// You may also add webpack-hot-middleware to provide hot module replacement to the client
app.use(webpackHotMiddleware(clientCompiler, { quiet: true }));
// Catch all route to attempt to render our isomorphic app
app.get('*', (req, res, next) => {
    // res.isomorphic contains `compilation` & `exports` properties:
    // - `compilation` contains the webpack-isomorphic-compiler compilation result
    // - `exports` contains the server exports, usually one or more render functions
    const { render } = res.locals.isomorphic.exports;
    render({ req, res })
    .catch((err) => setImmediate(() => next(err)));

Available options:

Name Description Type Default
memoryFs Either disable or enable in-memory filesystem (disabling decreases performance) boolean true
watchOptions Options to pass to webpack's watch object
watchDelay Delay calling webpack's watch for the given milliseconds number 0
report Enables reporting boolean/object { stats: 'once' }
notify Report build status through OS notifications boolean/object false
headers Headers to be sent when serving compiled files object { 'Cache-Control': 'max-age=0, must-revalidate' }

The middleware function is flexible and supports various signatures:

  • Two separate webpack compilers
const clientCompiler = webpack({ /* webpack client config */ });
const serverCompiler = webpack({ /* webpack server config */ });
app.use(webpackIsomorphicDevMiddleware(clientCompiler, serverCompiler, { /* options */ }));
const compiler = webpack([
    /* webpack client config */,
    /* webpack server config */,
app.use(webpackIsomorphicDevMiddleware(compiler, { /* options */ }));
const isomorphicCompiler = webpackIsomorphicCompiler(
    /* webpack client config */,
    /* webpack server config */
app.use(webpackIsomorphicDevMiddleware(isomorphicCompiler, { /* options */ }));


$ npm test
$ npm test -- --watch during development


MIT License


npm i webpack-isomorphic-dev-middleware

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