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    Webpack Gimbal Plugin

    Gimbal integration for Webpack. Uses the same configuration as Gimbal to simplify performance budgeting in production builds.

    Getting Started

    You can install Gimbal globally using npm or yarn:

    # with npm 
    npm install webpack-gimbal-plugin
    # or with yarn 
    yarn add webpack-gimbal-plugin

    Add it to your Webpack configuration as you would with any other plugin:

    var GimbalPlugin = require('webpack-gimbal-plugin');
      plugins: [new GimbalPlugin()];


    Gimbal emits a warning or an error to a webpack compilation. It defaults to a warning for each failed audit. You can change that to an error by setting bail: true in GimbalPlugin configuration.

      plugins: [
        // Emit errors for failed audits
        new GimbalPlugin({ bail: true }),

    Note: webpack config also uses bail configuration to break execution on errors. GimbalPlugin uses the same verbiage, but it will not bubble up to Webpack's config. It's entirely isolated to this usecase.

    Gimbal Configuration Example

    You can use Gimbal configuration in .gimbalrc.yml like the following:

          Documents: 5
          Frames: 2
          JSHeapTotalSize: 23356000
          JSHeapUsedSize: 15068000
          Nodes: 800
          RecalcStyleCount: 9
          accessibility: 93
          'best-practices': 90
          performance: 50
          pwa: 75
          seo: 100
        path: ./build/precache-*.js
          maxSize: 500 B
        path: ./build/static/js/*.chunk.js
          maxSize: 1 MB
        path: ./build/static/js/runtime*.js
          maxSize: 10 KB
        path: ./build/
          maxSize: 18 MB

    Questions and Support

    If you have a problem running Gimbal, please submit an issue. The more information you give us the faster we can get back with a good answer.

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    This project is MIT licensed.


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