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    [Webpack plugin] Dump Webpack Config into file system

    A webpack plugin to dump compiled webpack config into file system. Is useful in case you have resolve aliases formed dynamically and want your IDE to be able to handle them.

    For typescript config file you can use webpack-typescript-config-dump-plugin

    MIT License pm version


    npm i webpack-config-dump-plugin --save-dev


    Javascript module

    const { WebpackConfigDumpPlugin } = require("webpack-config-dump-plugin");
    // webpack config
      plugins: [new WebpackConfigDumpPlugin(options)];

    Typescript module

    import { WebpackConfigDumpPlugin } from "webpack-config-dump-plugin";
    // webpack config
      plugins[new WebpackConfigDumpPlugin(options)];

    Options and defaults

    Option Type Required Default Description
    outputPath string no ./ Path to store config dump
    name string no webpack.config.dump Dump filename
    depth number no 4 Config depth. Since webpack config is circularly locked, we can't dump whole config. This parameter sets how deep config dump will be stored
    keepCircularReferences boolean no false If true, dumps whole config (disables the "depth" option) and marks parts that are circular references
    showFunctionNames boolean no false By default functions are excluded from the final dump. If true, plugin marks properties that are functions
    includeFalseValues boolean no false By default false-ish values are excluded from the dump. If true, plugin will dump empty objects, 0, '' etc


    • Version 3 Added more flexibility, see the options section.
      Introduced some features like keepCircularReferences and so forth
      BREAKING: Adjusted consistency for empty values. Now it does not output empty objects and empty arrays by default (i.e. with includeFalseValues=false). Check the plugin configuration for details.

    • Version 2 In version 2 the plugin has been rewritten using Typescript.
      BREAKING: Now it needs to be imported as ES module. Check the information above for details.


    npm i webpack-config-dump-plugin

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