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    🔳 A proof-of-concept for a lightweight, modular, and opinionated webpack CLI.

    For users coming from webpack-cli, please read about the differences between this module and webpack-cli.


    This module requires a minimum of Node v6.14.0 and Webpack v4.0.0.

    webpack-command and webpack-cli cannot be installed at the same time, as they both export a bin file named webpack. When trying webpack-command, please npm uninstall webpack-cli first.


    webpack-command has many advantages over other CLI experiences for webpack. These include:

    • A full test suite with 190 tests and 95% coverage (so close to 100% 💪)
    • A 93% smaller package cost versus webpack-cli
    • Highly focused on the User Experience and detail
    • Validation of commands, entries, and flags before further execution
    • Extensible third-party commands. Include only what you need!
    • A beautiful default user experience with output driven by webpack-stylish
    • Custom Reporters 🤯
    • Support for webpack configuration in any language or compiler that provides a require hook
    • Support for webpack configuration in JSON, YAML, or JavaScript

    And last, but not least, Did-You-Mean suggestions for flags:

    did you mean

    Getting Started

    To begin, you'll need to install webpack-command:

    $ npm install webpack-command --save-dev


    $ webpack --help
      🐕 A lightweight, modular, and opinionated webpack CLI
        $ webpack [<config>, ...options]
        $ webpack <entry-file> [...<entry-file>] <output-file>
        $ webpack <command> [...options]
        --context                     The root directory for resolving entry point and stats
        --debug                       Switch loaders to debug mode
        --devtool                     Enable devtool for better debugging experience.
                                      e.g. --devtool eval-cheap-module-source-map
        --entry                       The entry point
        --help                        Show usage information and the options listed here
        --log-level                   Limit all process console messages to a specific level and above
                                      Levels: trace, debug, info, warn, error, silent
        --log-time                    Instruct the logger for webpack-serve and dependencies to display a timestamp
        --progress                    Instructs webpack to track and display build progress
        --reporter                    Specifies the reporter to use for generating console output for a build
        --require                     Preload one or more modules before loading the webpack configuration
                                      Typically used for language-specific require hooks
        --run-dev                     An alias for --debug --devtool eval-cheap-module-source-map --output-pathinfo
        --run-prod                    An alias for --optimize-minimize --define process.env.NODE_ENV="production"
        --version                     Display the webpack-command version
        --watch                       Watch the filesystem for changes
        --bail                        Abort the compilation on first error
        --cache                       Enable in memory caching
        --define                      Define any free var in the bundle
        --hot                         Enables Hot Module Replacement
        --plugin                      Load this plugin
        --prefetch                    Prefetch this request
                                      e.g. --prefetch ./file.js
        --profile                     Profile the compilation and include information in stats
        --provide                     Provide these modules as free vars in all modules
                                      e.g. --provide.jQuery jquery
        --records-input-path          Path to the records file (reading)
        --records-output-path         Path to the records file (writing)
        --records-path                Path to the records file
        --target                      The targeted execution environment
        --watch-aggregate-timeout     Timeout for gathering changes while watching
        --watch-poll                  The polling interval for watching (also enable polling)
        --watch-stdin                 Exit the process when stdin is closed
      Configuration File
        --config                      Path to the config file
        --config-name                 Name of the config to use
        --config-register             Deprecated. Please use --require.
        --mode                        Specifies the build mode to use; development or production
        --module-bind                 Bind an extension to a loader
        --module-bind-post            Bind an extension to a postLoader
        --module-bind-pre             Bind an extension to a preLoader
        --optimize-max-chunks         Try to keep the chunk count below a limit
        --optimize-min-chunk-size     Try to keep the chunk size above a limit
        --optimize-minimize           Minimize javascript and switches loaders to minimizing
        --output                      The output path and file for compilation assets
        --output-chunk-filename       The output filename for additional chunks
        --output-filename             The output filename of the bundle
        --output-jsonp-function       The name of the JSONP function used for chunk loading
        --output-library              Expose the exports of the entry point as library
        --output-library-target       The type for exposing the exports of the entry point as library
        --output-path                 The output path for compilation assets
        --output-pathinfo             Include a comment with the request for every dependency (require, import, etc.)
        --output-public-path          The public path for the assets
        --output-source-map-filename  The output filename for the SourceMap
        --resolve-alias               Setup a module alias for resolving
                                      e.g. --resolve-alias.jquery jquery.plugin
        --resolve-extensions          Setup extensions that should be used to resolve modules
                                      e.g. .es6,.js
        --resolve-loader-alias        Setup a loader alias for resolving
        For further documentation, visit https://webpack.js.org/api/cli
        Type `webpack help <command>` for more information


    webpack-command allows users to extend the webpack CLI experience by including a few helpful built-in commands, and providing a means to develop third-party commands.

    Built-In Commands


    For more documentation on flags, please see the webpack-cli documentation.

    Differences With webpack-cli

    While this project aims for parity with webpack-cli in nearly all aspects, there are some notable differences. Included in those differences is the note that this module includes the bare minimum of commands to provide a webpack CLI. Commands like init, migrate, and update are relegated to separate, user-installed modules.

    That said, the following differences should also be noted:

    The --env Flag is Nuked

    Environment Variables have been around a very, very long time. webpack-cli chose to introduce a feature that let users specify environment variables via a flag. This module does not include that feature. Instead, users should make use of environment variables the traditional, standard way:

    $ NEAT_VAR=woo webpack ...

    And access the values via process.env. Alternatively, if users are in need of cross-platform environment variables, a tool such as cross-env should be leveraged.

    Key=Value Pairs

    Certain flags passed in webpack-cli allow for a key-value pair for pairing an alias with the alias value. e.g. --entry name=file. This module adopts a CLI-standard approach by using the syntax --flag.key value instead, and does not support the key=value syntax.


    Specifying entries by either flag (--flag) or input (webpack <file>) require that the file or directory specified exist.

    Entries passed with a comma-separated value --entry file,file2 are deprecated and should be migrated to use the CLI-standard --entry file --entry file2 syntax.

    Entries passed by flag in webpack-cli using --entry name=file should be migrated to use the --entry.name file syntax.

    Resolve Alias

    Resolve aliases passed by flag in webpack-cli using --resolve-alias alias=value should be migrated to use the --resolve-alias.{alias} {value} syntax.

    Resolve Loader Alias

    Resolve aliases passed by flag in webpack-cli using --resolve-loader-alias alias=value should be migrated to use the --resolve-loader-alias.alias value syntax.


    webpack-command supports custom, user-defined reporters which allow users full control over how build data is presented. By default, it ships with two available reporters:


    Displays the default webpack output, the same you'll see using webpack-cli.


    The default reporter and displays beautiful output using the same code that drives webpack-stylish.

    Building your own reporter is as easy as inheriting from the Reporter class located at lib/reporters/Reporter.js.

    Configuration Languages and Compilers

    webpack-command allows users to leverage any language that provides a require hook. To leverage this feature, define your configs as such for the following languages/compilers:

    • Babel ES6 Modules: webpack.config.js or webpack.config.es6, and use --require babel-register
    • Flow: webpack.config.js or webpack.config.flow, and use --require flow-remove-types/register
    • TypeScript: webpack.config.ts, and use --require ts-node/register

    Other hooks may work for additional language or compiler support.

    Note: Compilers are not part of, nor built-into this module. To use a specific compiler, you must install it first.


    Any entry files specified will overwrite entries in a webpack.config.js file as of this Pull Request in webpack-cli.


    Please take a moment to read our contributing guidelines if you haven't yet done so.






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