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    webpack CLI

    The official CLI of webpack


    webpack CLI provides a flexible set of commands for developers to increase speed when setting up a custom webpack project. As of webpack v4, webpack is not expecting a configuration file, but often developers want to create a more custom webpack configuration based on their use-cases and needs. webpack CLI addresses these needs by providing a set of tools to improve the setup of custom webpack configuration.

    How to install

    When you have followed the Getting Started guide of webpack then webpack CLI is already installed!


    npm install --save-dev webpack-cli


    yarn add webpack-cli --dev

    Supported arguments and commands


    All interactions with webpack-cli are of the form

    npx webpack-cli [command] [options]

    If no command is specified then bundle command is used by default

    Help Usage

    You display basic commands and arguments -

    npx webpack-cli --help

    To display all supported commands and arguments -

    npx webpack-cli --help=verbose


    npx webpack-cli --help verbose

    Available Commands

      build|bundle|b [entries...] [options]      Run webpack (default command, can be omitted).
      configtest|t [config-path]                 Validate a webpack configuration.
      help|h [command] [option]                  Display help for commands and options.
      info|i [options]                           Outputs information about your system.
      init|c [scaffold...] [options]             Initialize a new webpack configuration.
      loader|l [output-path]                     Scaffold a loader.
      migrate|m <config-path> [new-config-path]  Migrate a configuration to a new version.
      plugin|p [output-path]                     Scaffold a plugin.
      serve|s [entries...] [options]             Run the webpack dev server.
      version|v [commands...]                    Output the version number of 'webpack', 'webpack-cli' and 'webpack-dev-server' and commands.
      watch|w [entries...] [options]             Run webpack and watch for files changes.

    webpack 4

      --analyze                     It invokes webpack-bundle-analyzer plugin to get bundle information
      -c, --config <value...>       Provide path to a webpack configuration file e.g. ./webpack.config.js.
      --config-name <value...>      Name of the configuration to use.
      -m, --merge                   Merge two or more configurations using 'webpack-merge'.
      --env <value...>              Environment passed to the configuration when it is a function.
      --progress [value]            Print compilation progress during build.
      -j, --json [value]            Prints result as JSON or store it in a file.
      -d, --devtool <value>         Determine source maps to use.
      --no-devtool                  Do not generate source maps.
      --entry <value...>            The entry point(s) of your application e.g. ./src/main.js.
      -h, --hot                     Enables Hot Module Replacement
      --no-hot                      Disables Hot Module Replacement
      --mode <value>                Defines the mode to pass to webpack.
      --name <value>                Name of the configuration. Used when loading multiple configurations.
      -o, --output-path <value>     Output location of the file generated by webpack e.g. ./dist/.
      --prefetch <value>            Prefetch this request
      --stats [value]               It instructs webpack on how to treat the stats e.g. verbose.
      --no-stats                    Disable stats output.
      -t, --target <value...>       Sets the build target e.g. node.
      -w, --watch                   Watch for files changes.
      --no-watch                    Do not watch for file changes.
      --watch-options-stdin         Stop watching when stdin stream has ended.
      --no-watch-options-stdin      Do not stop watching when stdin stream has ended.
    Global options:
      --color                       Enable colors on console.
      --no-color                    Disable colors on console.
      -v, --version                 Output the version number of 'webpack', 'webpack-cli' and 'webpack-dev-server' and commands.
      -h, --help [verbose]          Display help for commands and options.

    webpack 5

    Checkout OPTIONS.md to see list of all available options.


    npm i webpack-cli@4.5.0





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