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⚠️ This project is currently a work in progress. Please proceed with caution.

Webpack Bugsnag Plugin(s)

This module contains webpack plugins to help ease Bugsnag into your webpack build process.


$ npm i --save webpack-bugsnag-plugin


const {
= require('webpack-bugsnag-plugin');
module.exports = {
  // ... 
  plugins: [
    // WebpackS3Plugin(...) 
    new BugsnagDeployPlugin({
      apiKey: 'e48e13207341b6bffb7fb1622282247b', // required 
      releaseStage: 'production',
      repository: '',
      branch: 'master',
      revision: '9fc759f7c5ecdab9d13a23ac321a106d9f1dc913', 
      appVersion: '1.7.0'
    new BugsnagSourceMapPlugin({
      apiKey: 'e48e13207341b6bffb7fb1622282247b', // required 
      publicPath: 'http*://*', // or `output.publicPath` 
      appVersion: '1.7.0',
      overwrite: true



Check out for more information about uploading sourcemaps to Bugsnag.

The BugsnagSourceMapPlugin plugin automatically uploads your bundle's sourcemaps to Bugsnag.



The Bugsnag API key that is used in your app.

publicPath (optional)

The url of the minified JavaScript file that the source map relates to. Asterisks can be used as a wildcard.

appVersion (optional)

The version of the app that the source map applies to (as set in the JavaScript notifier). If the version isn’t set in the notifier this should be omitted (and the most recent upload will be used for error events).

overwrite (optional)

Specifies whether to overwrite any existing version of the files for this minified url and app version. Defaults to false.


Check out for more information about Bugsnag deploy tracking.

The BugsnagDeployPlugin plugin automatically pushes deploy events to Bugsnag when your webpack bundle builds successfully.



The API Key associated with the project. Informs Bugsnag which project has been deployed. This is the only required field.

releaseStage (optional)

The release stage (eg, production, staging) currently being deployed. (Optional, defaults to production.)

repository (optional)

The URL of the repository containing the source code being deployed. We can use this to link directly to your source code on GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab from the Bugsnag dashboard. (Required for source code integration.)

provider (optional)

The name of your source control provider. Required when repository is supplied and only for on-premise services (for cloud services the provider will be derived from the URL.)

When supplied must be one of:

branch (optional)

The source control branch from which you are deploying the code. (Optional, only relevant when repository is supplied.)

revision (optional)

The source control revision id for the code you are deploying. (Required when repository is supplied.)

appVersion (optional)

The app version of the code you are currently deploying. Only set this if you tag your releases with semantic version numbers and deploy infrequently. (Optional.)


MIT License ❤️