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Require YAML files with Webmake

To use this extension, install it aside of Webmake:

$ npm install webmake-yaml

If you use global installation of Webmake, then extension also needs to be installed globally:

$ npm install -g webmake-yaml

When running Webmake, ask webmake to use it:

$ webmake --ext=yaml program.js bundle.js

Same way when Webmake is used programmatically:

webmake(inputPath, { ext: 'yaml' }, cb);

webmake-yaml can be used with any other Webmake extension, e.g.:

$ webmake --ext=yaml --ext=otherext program.js bundle.js


webmake(inputPath, { ext: ['yaml', 'otherext'] }, cb);


Big thanks to @puzrin (Vitaly Puzrin) for making a donation to Webmake project and making this extension possible.
Vitaly is a member of Nodeca team, that is behind js-yaml JavaScript YAML parser and dumper, and powerful social platform Nodeca.

Tests Build Status

$ npm test