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Require Handlebars template files with Webmake

To use this extension, install it aside of Webmake:

$ npm install webmake-handlebars

If you use global installation of Webmake, then extension also needs to be installed globally:

$ npm install -g webmake-handlebars

When running Webmake, ask webmake to use it:

$ webmake --ext=handlebars program.js bundle.js

Same way when Webmake is used programmatically:

webmake(inputPath, { ext: 'handlebars' }, cb);

webmake-handlebars can be used with any other Webmake extension, e.g.:

$ webmake --ext=handlebars --ext=otherext program.js bundle.js


webmake(inputPath, { ext: ['handlebars', 'otherext'] }, cb);

How to Use the Bundled Template

First, download the handlebars.runtime.js from Unfortunately the current NPM package does not include the CommonJS compatible version of the runtime.

Second, make sure the runtime file is included in your page either by using a script tag like so:

<!-- this will add Handlebars as a global -->
<script src="js/lib/handlebars.runtime.js"></script>

or bundle it alongside the template like so:

// this will give you a reference in your module
var Handlebars = require('../lib/handlebars.runtime');

To add the template to your bundle, just require it as usual and use the runtime to render it:

var myTemplate = Handlebars.template(require('./path/to/template/mytemplate'));
var html = myTemplate(); // renders the template and returns the generated HTML