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    Webix UI v.8.4.0


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    License terms

    The Webix UI library is licensed under the GPL v3 license.

    Starting from Webix 2.4, it possible to use a FLOSS Exception to the GPL License. This allows to use Webix in your applications distributed under MIT, BSD and other open source licenses.

    What the license means in layman terms

    • You CAN'T remove this license or webix attribution from source files
    • You CAN modify provided code in any way which doesn't conflict with above statement
    • You CAN use this lib for any private projects which you do not plan to share or sell
    • You CAN use this lib for public projects, BUT in such case you MUST share the full client source code of your project if asked
    • If you do not want to share sources then you need to obtain a commercial license

    Commercial license and Support

    You can buy a commercial license and support subscription at http://webix.com

    (c) XB Software Ltd. 2013 - 2016


    npm i webix

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