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This is the "engine" of the webgme application and contains all server code, common-modules and client-api. If this is your first encounter with webgme the webgme/webgme is probably what you're looking for.

The webgme-engine was forked off from webgme/webgme at version v2.17.0 and since then is released separately from webgme starting off from v2.18.0.

Most documentation in the webgme/webgme - wiki is still applicable for this repository (all except the GUI specifics).

webgme/webgme uses the engine as a dependency and a repository should only depend on one of these libraries.



  • NodeJS (version >= 14, CI tests are performed on version 16.x and 18.x).
  • MongoDB (2.6 >= version).
  • Git (must be available in PATH).
  • Redis needed to run all tests and if serving under multiple nodes.

Command line interface

All runnable javascript programs are stored in the src/bin directory, you should start them with node from the root directory of the repository, e.g. node src/bin/start_server.js starts the web server. Each script supports the --help or -h command line parameter, which will list all possible parameters.

  • start_server.js: it starts a web server, which opens a connection to the configured MongoDB.
  • run_plugin.js: executes a plugin via a direct MongoDB connection.
  • merge.js: merges two branches if there are no conflicts.
  • usermanager.js: manages users, organizations, and project authorization (read, write, delete).
  • clean_up.js: lists/removes projects based on supplied criteria (commits, branches, regex etc.).
  • export.js: exports a (snapshot of a) branch into a webgmex-file.
  • import.js: imports a (snapshot of a) branch (from webgmex-file) into a webgme project.
  • addon_handler.js: starts a server that handles running addons (see config.addOn.workerUrl).
  • manage_webhooks.js: add/update/remove webhooks to and from projects.
  • blob_fs_clean_up.js: cleans up blobs from the filesystem that are not referenced from any projects.
  • plugin_hook.js: plugin developer utility for triggering plugin on changes made to a project.
  • storage_stats.js: outputs statistics about the projects in the database.
  • connected_webhook_handler.js: webhook example illustrating how to create an authenticated remote connection to the storage (models).

Repo structure

  • config - contains the configuration files for webgme.
  • dist - container for webgme.classes.build.js generated at prepublish or postinstall.
  • docs - 'REST' and 'source' are generated at postinstall.
  • seeds - contains the project templates including the base seed 'EmptyProject' and some samples.
  • src/addon - addon related files - all these are currently only executed under nodejs.
  • src/app - sample application illustrating how to use the webgme.classes.build.js from served from dist. The path to the app-dir is configurable via gmeConfig.client.appDir.
  • src/bin - contains the bin-scripts explained above.
  • src/client - code for the browser/GUI API - a.k.a. the "Client API" (strictly JavaScript and no HTML nor CSS)
  • src/common - code running under nodejs and/or inside a browser. Under nodejs the code (e.g. core, storage and blob) is typically executed in workers and not in the main server process.
  • src/docs - source code documentation that isn't inlined in the code itself.
  • src/plugin - plugin related code such as plugin-managers and the PluginBase, also contains a range of sample plugins under 'coreplugins'.
  • src/server - code strictly running under nodejs. Aside from the worker code - the code runs in the main server process.
  • test - test directory, note that _globals.js contains utitlity functions for settings up test-contexts.
  • test-karma - test directory for tests running inside a browser.
  • test-tmp - temporary files generate during tests.
  • utils - postinstall, prebublish and build scripts.

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