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Workaround for the lack of sampler3D (3D textures) in WebGL - sourced from this example, and modified for use with browserify.


npm install webgl-texture3d


texture3d(name, resolution)

Returns a GLSL method string, with the size cached at resolution pixels wide/high/deep.


Plain sampleAs3DTexture method string.

var texture3d = require('webgl-texture3d')
  , sampleAs3DTexture = texture3d('sampleAs3DTexture', 33)
var vertexShader = [
  'uniform sampler2D colorTable;'
, 'uniform sampler2D source;'
, 'uniform vec2 pixel;'
, sampleAs3DTexture
, 'void main() {'
  , 'vec4 texel = texture2D(source, pixel);'
  , 'gl_FragColor = sampleAs3DTexture(colorTable, texel.rgb);'
, '}'


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