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    An interactive 3D animation using WebGL to depict a 2D predator prey ecology on a grid real-time mapped onto the surface of a 3D torus. Sound file is parsed then visualized both in time and frequency domains as well as rendered using Web Audio API - this is an exercise where I taught myself how to display data for an ongoing project on sound synthesis


    Visit nodejs.org and install Node.js.

    Clone this repository to your local machine:

    git clone git@github.com:scottstensland/webgl-3d-animation.git

    Change directory into the project folder:

    cd webgl-3d-animation

    Then install the dependent modules:

    npm install

    Launch the nodejs app:

    npm start

    Using a WebGL savvy browser, point it at URL :


    or ignore above and just see this WebGL app deployed live on heroku :


    Feel free to contact me on twitter if you have any questions!

    ... my twitter name is same as my github name

    instructions on how to drive this ...

    run on a computer not on a phone since it currently uses

    just the mouse and keyboard as controls

     mouse left button and middle scroll wheel
           page up / page down
     arrow keys  left/right/up/down
           also these keys :  w s a d
      it uses WebGL for graphics
    I wrote it in the language javascript infact this was my
      "Hello World"  for both javascript and WebGL

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    npm i webgl-3d-animation

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