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A Webpack loader that generates fonts from your SVG icons and allows you to use your icons in your HTML.

webfonts-loader uses the webfonts-generator plugin to create fonts in any format. It also generates CSS files so that you can use your icons directly in your HTML, using CSS classes.


npm install webfonts-loader


An example of usage can be found in the test/ directory of this repository.

Webpack rule

Add this rule to your Webpack config:

  test: /\.font\.js/,
  use: [

So that each font configuration file will be loaded using this rule.

Loader options

You can provide options objects to configure the loader behaviour:

  test: /\.font\.js/,
  use: [
      loader: 'webfonts-loader',
      options: { ... }

Available options are:

publicPath, String

This is the URL prefix for generated links (e.g. /static/ or Should typically match Webpack's config.output.publicPath.

Any font config option

If you pass types, fileName or any other font config option, it will be used as a default (unless overriden in font config file).

The font configuration file


The config file allows you to specify parameters for the loader to use. Here is an example configuration file:

// myfont.font.js
module.exports = {
  'files': [
  'fontName': 'myfonticons',
  'classPrefix': 'myfonticon-',
  'baseSelector': '.myfonticon',
  'types': ['eot', 'woff', 'woff2', 'ttf', 'svg'],
  'fileName': 'app.[fontname].[hash].[ext]'

Then you have to require the configuration file:

// entry.js

The loader will then generate:

  • CSS with the base and class prefix
  • Font files for the SVG icons

All font configuration options

baseSelector, String

The base CSS selector, under which each icon class is to be created. See webfonts-generator#templateoptions

classPrefix, String

The prefix to be used with each icon class. See webfonts-generator#templateoptions

cssTemplate, String

See webfonts-generator#csstemplate

embed, Boolean

If true the font is encoded in base64 and embedded inside the @font-face declaration, otherwise font files are written to disk. Default: false

scssFile, Boolean

If true, the build process will export a .scss file in the same path as the .css file. Default: false

hashLength, Number

Optional. The length of hash in fileName. Min: 8 Max: 32 Default: 20

fileName, String

The generated font file names. These elements can be used:

  • [fontname]: the value of the fontName parameter
  • [ext]: the extension of the font file being generated (eot, ...)
  • [hash]: the hash of the current compilation
  • [chunkhash]: the hash of the SVG files

This option can be also configured globally in the webpack loader options.

emitCodepoints, Array (with shorthand versions of Boolean, String and Object)

Optional. The generated codepoints file names.


  • emitCodepoints: true: emits a javascript file named [fontname].codepoints.js in the web (default) format
  • emitCodepoints: '[fontname].codepoints.fonts.js': emits a javascript file named [fontname].codepoints.fonts.js in the commonjs format
  • emitCodepoints: { fileName: '[fontname].codepoints.json', type: 'json'] }: emits a file named [fontname].codepoints.json in the json format
  • emitCodepoints: [{ fileName: '[fontname].codepoints.json', type: 'json'] }, { fileName: '[fontname].codepoints.js', type: 'web'] }, { fileName: '[fontname]', type: 'web'] }]: emits three files with their respective names and types

These are the existing formats:

  • web: (default): generates a file containing the array of codepoints in a format suitable for inclusion in html pages.

Example (for a font named myfonticons):

if (typeof webfontIconCodepoints === 'undefined') {
  webfontIconCodepoints = {};
webfontIconCodepoints["myfonticons"] = {"alert":61697,"arrow-down":61698,"arrow-left":61699};
  • commonjs: generates a file containing the array of codepoints in the commonjs format, for use with require.
module.exports = {"alert":61697,"arrow-down":61698,"arrow-left":61699}
  • json: generates a file containing the array of codepoints in the JSON format.

These elements can be used in the filename:

  • [fontname]: the value of the fontName parameter
  • [chunkhash]: the hash of the SVG files

This option can be also configured globally in the webpack loader options.

files, Array

See webfonts-generator#files

fontName, String

See webfonts-generator#fontname

formatOptions, Object

See webfonts-generator#formatoptions

rename, Function

See webfonts-generator#rename

types, Array

See webfonts-generator#types

dest, String

See webfonts-generator#dest

html, Boolean

See webfonts-generator#html

htmlDest, String

See webfonts-generator#htmldest

writeFiles, Boolean (default false)

See webfonts-generator#writefiles

cssFontsUrl, String (before cssFontsPath)

See webfonts-generator#cssfontspath

htmlTemplate, String


htmlTemplate: path.resolve(__dirname, 'src/html.hbs'),

See webfonts-generator#htmltemplate


npm i webfonts-loader

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