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a simple webfinger service for node.js


a webfinger service implementation in node.js

This is a very simple WebFinger service written for node.js. It only supports JSON at the moment, and could very well have bugs. Feedback, contributions and bug reports welcome.

	$ git clone git://
	$ cd node-webfinger-service
  1. basic config

    $ cp config.js.example config.js

    Edit the config.js and set your domain name, and the protocol (http or https) that you will receive requests on.

  2. user data

    All of the user data lives in the resource/acct/ directory. Each file is treated as a username when webfinger-service does it's lookup (it doesn't actually check for any system accounts). An example user data file is there named user, and looks like this:

    module.exports = {
    	"subject" : "",
    	"links" :
    			"rel" : "",
    			"href" : ""
    			"rel" : "",
    			"href" : ""
    			"rel" : "",
    			"href" : ""

    So, if your filename is bob then lookups for bob@[yourdomain] will return that json object.

  3. setup a proxy ( HAProxy )

    You can also setup nginx to forward, but I've only tested with HAProxy.

    frontend public
    		bind *:80
    		acl is_webfinger path_beg -i /.well-known
    		use_backend webfinger if is_webfinger
    backend webfinger
    		timeout server 30s
    		option httpclose
    		option forwardfor
    		server srv1  # or whatever port you chose in config.js

    Don't forget to restart HAProxy

  4. Start the webfinger-service

    $ bin/webfinger-service