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    webcg-framework is a framework to create and develop HTML templates for CasparCG and WebCG. The framework provides an API to listen for AMCP commands, executes your handlers asynchronously waiting for their completion using Promises, automatically parses the XML or JSON data to a JavaScript object, and provides a lazy-load injection for the webcg-devtools.

    Running examples can be found at and


    Download the latest release and extract and copy the files in the same folder as your HTML template. Add a script reference webcg-framework.umd.js in your HTML file like:

    <script src="webcg-framework.umd.js"></script>

    You must not add a reference to webcg-devtools.umd.js. If you open your template in a browser and add ?debug=true to bring up the DevTools, the framework will lazyingly load webcg-devtools.umd.js from the same directory.


    Have a look at the example lower-third template to see how to use the API. A live version of this template can be found at


    The webcg-framework exposes a global object webcg with these methods:

    addEventListener(type, listener)

    Register an event handler to a specific event type and/or AMCP command.

    type: A case-sensitive string representing the event type, AMCP command and/or invoked function to listen for. For example play, stop, update, data, myfunc1.

    listener: The JavaScript function that receives a notification when an event of the specified type occurs. Return a Promise to delay processing until your handler is complete (for example, loading images, waiting for animations to complete).

    removeEventListener(type, listener)

    Removes an event listener.

    on(type, listener)

    Alias for addEventListener()

    off(type, listener)

    Alias for removeEventListener()


    Type Description
    play Fired when the template should play the intro animations and become visible.
    stop Fired when the template should play the outro animations and become invisible.
    next Fired when the template should move the the next step in a multi step template (for example paged lists).
    update Fired when the template receives raw data.
    data Fired after update with the raw data parsed as a JSON object. Handles component XML data, JSON strings and JavaScript objects.


    npm run build builds the library to dist.
    npm run dev builds the library, then keeps rebuilding it whenever the source files change.
    npm run test run the unit tests in watch mode.
    npm run demo starts a demo at localhost:8080.

    Copyright and License

    Copyright (c) 2018 Reto Inderbitzin, MIT License


    npm i webcg-framework

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