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Require handlebars templates with webant


$ npm install webant-handler-hbs


Ensure the hbs handler is present in your webant configuration file. For example:


You may now require handlebars files:

var tmpl = require("./path/to/template.hbs");
var otherTmpl = require("./path/to/template.handlebars");
var html = tmpl({name:"Jane Doe"});


The following configuration settings are available:


Can be either true (default) or false. If true, the handlebars runtime is automatically required along with the template. This allows easier usage of the template as follows:

var tmpl = require("./path/to/template.hbs");
var html = tmpl({name:"Jane Doe"});

If set to false, you'll need to include the handlebars runtime yourself as follows:

var hbs = require("path/to/handlebars.runtime.js");
var tmpl = require("./path/to/template.hbs");
var tmplFunc = hbs['default'].template(tmpl);
var html = tmplFunc({name:"Jane Doe"});

It may be necessary to modify the handlebars runtime to export the Handlebars object by appending the following line:

// Handlebars code... 
module.exports = Handlebars;

Tests Build Status

Ensure phantomjs is installed and in your PATH, then run:

$ npm test