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A web IRC client

The goal for this project is to become the best in-browser IRC client available, and bring the best ideas from modern web applications to IRC. It was inspired by a request for improvements to qwebirc by Paul Irish.

Web-IRC is based on node.js and Martyn Smith's node-irc on the backend, and Backbone.js and jQuery on the frontend.

Try web-irc

Give it a spin on Nodester! (bug reports welcome.)


The app is still in its early stages. Potential contributors should find plenty to do.

Here's what works:

  • Choose nick/network/channel(s) to use at login
  • Join channels
  • Send messages to channels
  • Switch between channel tabs, see chat output
  • Leave channels
  • Private messages
  • Channel topics

Here's (a partial list of) what doesn't work yet:

  • Status messages
  • Listing channels

Design/UI/UX help also desperately needed.


  1. Install node.js (instructions)

  2. Install npm

     curl | sh
  3. Install dependencies

     npm install express irc
  4. Run server

     node server.js
  5. Point your browser at http://localhost:8337/


Web-based IRC clients are quite popular, particularly as an in-page embed for various open source projects and live shows. The ubiquitous choice at this time is the aforementioned qwebirc.

Here are some popular sites that use (or link to) a web IRC client:


MIT licensed. See LICENSE.