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    Web Caddy NPM version Circle CI

    Create, Build, Test, Serve and Release. Quickly


    npm install web-caddy --save-dev

    Quick Start

    Creating A New Project

    To create a new project with a build process, tdd and continuous deployment already set-up

    1. Run caddy new *project-name* (which will create a directory)
    2. follow on-screen instructions.
    3. Run npm start within your new directory

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    Enhancing An Existing Project

    Get the CLI (build, test, release etc) working within an existing project

    1. Copy the caddy.config.js into your project root
    2. Update the tasks object to match the jobs you need doing
    3. Update the buildPaths object to match your directory structure


    CLI and NodeJS commands

    The web-caddy can be run from the command line or directly from within js files (i.e. a NodeJS script or a gulpfile). Once required (var caddy = require('web-caddy');), you can call the following:

    CLI Node Sub-tasks
    caddy new project-name unavailable none
    caddy build styles, scripts, html
    caddy clean caddy.clean.all() styles, scripts, html, build, copy
    caddy copy caddy.copy() none
    caddy serve caddy.serve() none
    karma start xxx.js unavailable (see karma) none
    caddy init caddy.init.all() bower, gh-pages, git
    caddy bump caddy.bump() none
    caddy release caddy.release.all() bower, gh-pages, s3

    hint: add -verbose to the cli to see more logging hint: add -dev to the cli to prevent js/css minification

    The CLI and Node will use the config set within caddy.config.js in your project root.

    Use Cases

    Setup your project to get the most out of caddy

    Contributing to the Helper

    This project depends on collaboration between developers. Contributions of any size are actively encouraged.

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    npm i web-caddy

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