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Node connector of Neo4j


Instructions just to install and run this software.

Things that you'll need in order to install and run this software.

Clone this repository on your computer:

$ git clone

Then go to the new directory and execute install with npm:

$ cd weaver-connector-neo4j
$ npm install
$ coffee -co lib/ src/
$ node lib/index.js


Instructions to build this software. With this you'll going to run this nodejs source against the last java version of weaver-connector-neo4j-java.

Things that you'll need to build (besides thing for install and run):

Also we have weaver-connector-neo4j-java as dependency.

  • Copy the pom.xml of the weaver-connector-neo4j-java project to "java_dep" directory on weaver-connector-neo4j project.

  • Execute $ mvn dependency:copy-dependencies on "java_dep" directory.

  • Copmpile weaver-connector-neo4j-java project and copy the jar file on "java_dep" directory.