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Simple Weather App

A simple weather app so you can start it, call for localhost:2000/addressYouWant set an interval for browser refresh, and have a nice and beautiful chart with the temperature and humidity of your location.


 $ npm install

# Set up environment variables

  • SECONDS_REFRESH - seconds to refresh the api.
  • API_KEY - api key from

Start it using the commands

 $ node app.js -s=seconds

Run via docker

You can also run this application via docker. First you need to execute the following command to generate the docker image with your application.

$ docker build -t <username>/weatherapp).

Then you can run the application by running.

$ docker run -p 2000:2000 -e API_KEY=<your-app-key> -e SECONDS_REFRESH=<seconds> -d <username>/weatherapp

That's all folks...