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Weather Underground

Weather Underground Icons

These icons were designed by the Graphic Designer Ashley Jager. She created a beautiful Adobe Illustrator file. This project simply breaks that file up into web icon that can be used in your projects.


Demo Website

Usage Instructions

Weather Underground has an API where you can fetch data remotely. The API returns an icon parameter as part of their JSON response that you can use to load custom icons.

Image Usage Instructions

If you just want to use the image files directly, and not use the CSS file you can just copy over the images directly from the dist/icons folder. See the Icon Key below to see which icons will be used.

CSS Usage Instructions

If you wish to use the use the CSS version of this project, you just need to copy this dist folder into your project.

Then you can use the icon keys with a wu- prefix to load whichever icon you want:

<i class="wu wu-white wu-64 wu-chanceflurries"></i>

All CSS Icons will default to using SVG files. However, you can use PNG sprites by adding a no-svg class to the parent element that contains the weather icons. no-svg classnames will be added to your HTML tag automatically if you are using Modernizr and the browser does not support SVG.

Icon Class Colors:

  • wu-black icons with black lines
<i class="wu wu-black wu-32 wu-chanceflurries"></i>


  • wu-white icons with white lines
<i class="wu wu-white wu-32 wu-chancerain"></i>


Icon Class Sizes:

  • wu-16 16x16px icons
<i class="wu wu-black wu-16 wu-chancesnow"></i>


  • wu-32 32x32px icons
<i class="wu wu-black wu-32 wu-chancetstorms"></i>


  • wu-64 64x64px icons
<i class="wu wu-black wu-64 wu-clear"></i>


  • wu-128 128x128px icons
<i class="wu wu-black wu-128 wu-cloudy"></i>


  • wu-256 256x256px icons
<i class="wu wu-black wu-256 wu-flurries"></i>


Icon Key

Here are the icon options for each weather option:

chanceflurries chanceflurries Chance of Flurries
chancerain chancerain Chance of Rain
chancesleet chancesleet Chance Freezing Rain
chancesnow chancesnow Chance of Snow
chancetstorms chancetstorms Chance of Thunderstorms
clear clear Clear
cloudy cloudy Cloudy
flurries flurries Flurries
fog fog Fog
hazy hazy Haze
mostlycloudy mostlycloudy Mostly Cloudy
mostlysunny mostlysunny Mostly Sunny
partlycloudy partlycloudy Partly Cloudy
partlysunny partlysunny Partly Sunny
rain rain Rain
sleet sleet Freezing Rain
snow snow Snow
sunny sunny Sunny
tstorms tstorms Thunderstorms
unknown unknown Unknown

Icon Preview

White Icons

Black Icons

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