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☀️ weather-in-terminal

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A simple CLI to see the weather while you're in your terminal.
Because we know you don't glance outside that much often 😎

🚀 How to use it ?

Just type in your terminal:

# Install the CLI 
$ npm install -g weather-in-terminal
# Get the weather 
$ weather

💪 How to contribute ?

To contribute, it's very simple:

  1. Ensure you know well TypeScript.
  2. Ensure also you are at ease working with Git and GitHub.
  3. Join us on Trello by clicking this link.
  4. Go to the Trello board and take a look at what left to do.
  5. Fork the repository and do what you need to do.
  6. Come back to the Trello board and put your task inside the In progress list, in such a way that someone doesn't do the same work as you
  7. Finally make a Pull Request:
    • The TravisCI process will start, build the project, test your code and eventually deploy it.
    • The changes will be deploy to npm.
  8. After the CI process is passed, you can access the Trello board and put your task inside the Done list.

🐺 License

This project is under the MIT License.
You can retrieve the license of this project here.

🤘 Who the fuck did that app ?

A very young developer as you can image with his vocabulary and the whole bunch of emoji.



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